The name  'Julliet' is inspired by the popular romance story of 'Romeo and Juliet'. Gifting a bouquet of flowers is definitely a romantic gesture to show your love to the Juliet in your life. To make the name more unique, we included our founder's initial 'LL' in the name to make it more close to our hearts. 

Crafting unique and contemporary design is our mission to create a precious memory in your heart. Our favourite theme will be a blend of rustic and sweet garden flowers which explains why our bouquets are now wrapped with brown kraft papers. We love to play with different design, but we love wild flower style which allows the pretty florals to dance wildly and freely.  If you love our styles, please our floral adventure by selecting 'Julliet's Pick' design and allow us to surprise you and your recipients.  

We believe in experimenting different floral designs to fit different individual's taste and preference. If you have any designs in mind, feel free to drop us a whatsapp (+65 87542854) / email us ( with the photo as reference. We will try our best to replicate the idea. 

To stay updated on our news and flower journey, follow us on Instagram / telegram @jullietfleur ♥ 

The rose is a flower of love.

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